About The Songs

All the songs on thebabyditty.net were written on the spur of the moment and for my baby girl not for you (no offense).

However, in various conversations over the few months since she’s been born I’ve realized that a lot of parents don’t sing to their babies simply because they either don’t know what to sing or they think they have a bad voice.

I think babies love to hear their parents sing. The movement of melody is much more like the hum of the womb than the staccato of normal speech. Plus, they don’t know flat or sharp from Shinola.

All these songs are short. I’ve intentionally NOT “written them into a real song.” I want them to be the sort of thing that gets stuck in your head and becomes a part of your vocabulary with your baby.

Furthermore, I’ve intentionally not recorded them well or gussied them all up with music. All of them are recorded as I am singing them to my daughter. You can often hear her in the background. It’s rough, I know. If you want to keep listening to my recording that’s fine. But my goal is for you to sing to your baby.

If you happen to hate cutesy kiddie songs please know that I get it. That’s why I tag the songs that I feel would be annoying in that way with “kiddie,” or “silly”. Just stay away from songs with those tags.

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