F.A.Q. (as I imagine them)

You Don’t Have Any ‘Mom’ Songs, Why You Gotta Be Such A Hater?

I don’t hate moms at all, in fact, I’ve had one all my life. But thebabyditty songs are all simply and naturally derived from my life with my daughter. They were/are not written with commercial intent. I’ve simply exploited my own naivety here on the website.

You Don’t Have Any ‘Son’ Songs, Are You Just Plain Mean?

I don’t hate sons either. Actually, I am one and can admit so quite proudly. For further explanation, see above.

How Many Millions of Dollars Do You Spend On Recording?

Z and I record all the songs together using the plain old Voice Memo app on the iPhone. Usually, she’s in one hand and the phone in the other. Since she can pretty much cover all the backup harmonies, we don’t even have to pay for imported talent. It’s a pretty neatly wrapped package all around.

When Can I Buy 10 Copies Of A BabyDitty Album?

Since the point of the songs is to give parents tools to sing to their children themselves, it is still up in the air whether or not there will be an album. If you’ve got an opinion or thoughts, please give me some advice.

Do You Know You Sound Like A Hick When You Sing?

No. I did not know that. Thank you for telling me.

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