Hey, I’m a folk songwriter and father of a little girl born in February 2012. You can read more about me here.

thebabyditty.net has been the natural progression of the daily life with my daughter. We sing a lot. As a writer, I record most of the stuff we come up with.

What this site is NOT
Please don’t look for wonderfully recorded songs that you can just throw on the stereo and have the kids request again and again. If that by chance does happen, please get your kid’s hearing checked.

What this site IS
Hopefully out of the nearly 100 or so dittys that I’ve got, you’ll be able to find one or two you dig and sing them yourself to your baby. That’s why they’re recorded like they are. (more on that here)

Take a stroll around. Listen to a few or two but don’t overdo it. You can come back later. Hope you enjoy.

For the music buffs
I’d love to have some help identifying what some of these dittys sound like. Please don’t base your decision off of my voice and the a-cappella recording (you’ll just keep saying “backwoods hick who’s had too much moonshine”). Rather, sing the song yourself a while and see what the melody reminds you of (perhaps something like “Bon Iver’s first song written after a day listening to Karen Carpenter 8-tracks”).

Leave your thoughts in the comments if you like.

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